This membership trial course is being provided as a primer of the kinds of content, exercises, and activities you can expect to find as a full member of the ICMPhotoMag Network community, and is based on the 5-Day Mini Membership Session we held in May, one week before opening the doors to the community.  The ideas, concepts, activities, exercises, and content in this membership trial course are examples of the deliverables being offered to members to educate, nurture, and encourage the creativity and artistic vision of the members as individuals, but also as community as a whole.

Please keep in mind that there is also a social/interactive aspect to this community that cannot be replicated in this trial course.  The social aspect of this community involves interaction in a variety of discussion forums and image sharing groups where members are welcome and encouraged to ask for feedback from the community on their images.  However, we do encourage you to use the ICMPhotoMag Facebook Group to share the work you do in this mini membership session using the hashtag #ICMPhotoMagNetworkTrialCourse, so that we can see the work you are doing to provide feedback and encouragement along the way of your journey through this trial course.

Additionally, full membership includes live Zoom sessions where we give presentations on the different themes and various educational aspects of ICM, as well as live sessions for providing feedback on selected sets of images posted by members in the community.

This membership trial course mainly provides a glimpse of the content…but there is so much more to the membership community than just the content…which many members have commented is worth the price of the membership alone, and the content alone will also help you grow, even if you don’t participate in the social/interactive aspect of the community, which is not a requirement.  This community is a very relaxed, warm, encouraging group, and members are welcome to proceed at their own pace and to interact as much or as little as they choose to.  There is no pressure to do anything more than you are able to do, and we encourage all members to participate in the community in whatever way suits them best as unique individuals.   

We hope you will find inspiration through the material provide in this trial course and that it will encourage you to join us.  We look forward to seeing you in the community!

Come Grow with Us,
Kaisa, Morag, and Stephanie